About Anantya


Artistry in Silver

Silver, a timeless metal which is deeply rooted in Indian tradition, symbolizes abundance and prosperity.
It has been used since time immemorial for gifting for traditional events and customs.
With the passage of time and evolution of lifestyle, gifting is no longer restricted to an occasional exchange but has become an integral part of modern day culture – to mark unique milestones of one’s journey.
Or even simply just for the therapeutic value of self-gifting
‘ANANTYA – Artistry in Silver’ is a range of premium, chic, functional silver gifting articles that bridges this gap between traditional and contemporary; luxury and practicality; customization and all-time classics.

ANANTYA (अनन्त्य) Meaning ETERNAL is a word of Sanskrit origin which exudes an aura of timelessness and is ripe with promise and hope.