Silver Care

  1. At Anantya every product is completely hand-crafted in our workshops. Our contemporary designs showcase rich Indian heritage.
  2. Silverware should be stored in a dry place away from humidity and moisture and extreme temperatures.
  3. Store your silverware in its own box or pouch to prevent scratching. Store them in clean, dry and air tight cupboards to avoid tarnishing. Dampness encourages tarnishing.
  4. All of our silverware is hand polished before sale. Exposed to the atmosphere, all silver is prone to oxidation and consequent tarnishing. To avoid this we recommend regular use of product. Gentle rubbing with a silver cleaning cloth will restore the original brilliance of the surface.
  5. Do not use liquid cleaners for carved pieces as the liquid dries into the engraving.
  6. Make sure your silver product is not in regular contact with hard surfaces, which could scratch or wear down the plating or enameling.
  7. Never use detergent, soap, toothpaste etc. to clean your gold plated items.
  8. Salt and certain acidic foods are harmful to silver, burning it’s surface and leaving permanent black spots. After usage, products should be well rinsed and dried with soft – dry cloth.
  9. All natural stone products require extra care and require consideration during use to protect the setting as well as to safeguard the gemstone it holds.