Legacy of Anantya

In an age of rapidly changing consumer preferences and obsolescence of commodities, the Sarawgi’s aimed to position silver as not just a material for high end décor or celebratory/festive gifting, but one that can have commonplace in everyday life. They believed this is possible by creating a range of products that would have utility beyond just being decorative, be price inclusive and have a design sensibility that would appeal to the millennial and Gen Z audience.

The inspiration for ANANTYA comes from Prashant and Vandana Sarawgi, founders of the legacy custom silverware brand SR Artefacts Silversmith’s par excellence since 30 years.

Through SR Artefacts the Sarawgi’s have created a standard for the Indian luxury silver gifting industry, through its focus on design innovation, and by keeping alive the tradition of handmade silver creations by artisans and Kaarigars. Such an approach hasenabled SR Artefacts to keep alive traditional Indian art and culture whilst ensuring to wholly contributing back to the Indian economy by maintaining a fully Made/Sourced in India production cycle.

With this vision, Anantya was born as the next evolution of silver gifting which combined practicality, fashion forwardness and price sensitivity.

ANANTYA thus is an extension of the soul essence of SR Artefacts.

Which means that the brand of ANANTYA will bear the similar promise of purity, quality, incomparable designs and craftsmanship whilst maintaining its own unique modern aesthetic.

This mastery of the arts by our designers and artisans reflects in the tagline “ARTISTRY IN SILVER”.

Although this is just the beginning, we at ANANTYA aim to push the boundaries of design excellency to encompass products and items never before envisioned in silver, to become the epitome of “ARTISTRY IN SILVER”.

You can visit SR Artefacts at https://www.srartefacts.com/